So what do we actually do?

BCP prides itself on the ability to understand what clients want to achieve and then use processes and principles in conjunction with emotions of heart to capture your vision.  So what processes do we use?  Well we are glad you asked!

Audio Production
Audio Production
  • Develop a plan to achieve the wanted result agreeing on expectations.
  • Agree on schedule timelines and final delivery of what is expected.
  • Review any preliminary audio, video, lyrics, stories to understand the framing of the art that is available.
  • Execute recording/production session(s).
  • Perform basic rough mix if the artist requests it.
  • Deliver the raw the sessions via the agreed delivery such as Cloud, DVD/CD, etc.
  • Close project.
  • Agree on expectations on audio/video capture.
  • Develop schedule and iterations.
  • Receive three reference tracks as an ideal reference.
  • Receive video and/or tracks.
  • Mix the project data.
  • Deliver iterations as requested.
  • Deliver to drop off point (cloud, etc)
  • Agree on completion.
  • Mastering (same processes).
Live Sound
Live Sound
  • Discuss requirements and schedule.
  • Verify requirements with venue and reach back to discuss any needed changes.
  • Agree on the expectations and needs for the event.
  • Design plot and needed gear and deliver the rig to you via e-mail, etc.
  • Create predefined live templates.
  • Run the event/show using checklists.
  • Record the show if requested.
  • Deliver the recorded show if applicable.
  • Work with clients to discussion what their other needs are.
  • Discuss with needs with BCP vendors/partners.
  • Follow back up with clients to discuss any constraints or issues.
  • Act as conduit with partners and provide a referral hand-off.
  • Follow up intermittently to make sure they are satisfied with our partners services.
Professional Services
Professional Services